Preparing for Love's Arrival

Love Arrives and Has a Name: Jesus

December 24, 2018
Message 5 in the Series: Preparing for Love’s Arrival
Luke 2:21-38
Brandon Lenhart

Key Point: “When the world around us rages in chaos, we must quiet our minds before the Prince of Peace.”

What would you do as a new parent of your firstborn child, on your first day going to church as a family, if some stranger came up to you in church and took your child into their arms and began to praise God for them? Would you be weirded out? Would you be angry? Would you be shocked? Would you be happy?

Depending on who you are, your reaction might be any number of these reactions or more.

Now, what if this stranger began to tell you what your child was destined to become? What if they told you that your child will cause many people to stumble and fall, but in the same breath said that your child will be a great joy to many others? What if this stranger that was holding your child told you that your child was sent as a sign from God and that many people will oppose him? Finally, what if this stranger told you that because of your child, a sword would pierce your own soul? How would you respond? What would your reaction be?

Well, tonight, this Christmas Eve, we take a look at the real-life story of Mary and Joseph and Jesus, just after Jesus’ birth. The scenario I just mentioned is what Mary and Joseph experienced in the Temple when they came to dedicate Jesus (their firstborn son) to the LORD.

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