Don't Go Your Own Way

Jacob Wrestles With God

March 31, 2019
Title: “Jacob Wrestles With God
Message 5 in the Series: Don’t Go Your Own Way
Genesis 32:1-32
Brandon Lenhart

Key Point: “Wrestling with God makes us stronger, and leaves a visible mark on our lives.”

Jesus struggled side by side with us. He worked with us, ate with us, laughed and cried with us. And, His sacrifice left the mark for all of eternity in His nail-pierced hands and the wound on his side from the Roman soldier’s spear. Not only did Jesus retain the physical markings of sacrifice, but humanity was left with the mark of God in human flesh through Jesus, and the presence of the Holy Spirit to guide us and empower us. The mark of forgiveness and unconditional love will last forever because of the sacrifice God made for us. This was the greatest moment in history.

What marks the greatest moment in your life? Is it the place you met God? How did it change you?

As you do a self-assessment today, keep in mind that God’s love always has a way of leaving a mark on our lives. It changes our perspectives, temperaments, and our tolerance. Have you wrestled with God, and have you allowed Him to change your name? Has wrestling with God forced you to take a good, hard, long look at yourself?

The real issue in this story with Jacob, is that wrestling with Love can bring us closer to God and people. Wrestling with Love has this ability of humbling us by revealing to us the err of our ways. In Jacob’s case, wrestling with Love that night at Peniel was something that Jacob had to do alone. No one else could wrestle for him. He had to do it himself. Secondly, wrestling with Love resulted in a name change for Jacob. No longer was he seen as a deceiver, but a man who wrestled with God. And lastly, wrestling with Love left a visible mark on his life for the rest of his days. The remainder of Jacob’s life reflected the change that took place at Peniel when he wrestled with God.

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