Truth and Justice

Three Days and a Large Stone

April 21, 2019
Title: “Three Days and a Large Stone”
Message 3 in the Series: Truth and Justice
John 20:1-10
Brandon Lenhart

Key Point: “Truth may seem dead for a time, but it will always rise in the end.”

We are apt to forget truth if we don’t live it out on a daily basis. The truth of the resurrection of Christ is just that: Truth! But, truth is no good if it’s not believed. The disciples realized that. Those first to the tomb came to a stark realization… “The stone had been rolled away, not by grave robbers, and not so that Jesus could get out, but so they, and others, could get in and see that Jesus was gone.” No matter how tough it gets; no matter how difficult life may seem. When hope is lost, and when discouragement sets in, there is truth! and the truth is: Jesus rose from the grave!

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